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About Us

We are the authorized dealer for the Residential ACT D’MAND KONTROLS recirculating hot water pump C1-100 that is designed for the residential home market.

Based in Tustin, California we are passionate about offering environmental friendly products that help homeowners save money on their water, electrical and gas bills.  We believe that by helping home owners reduce their water and energy usage, we can also help conserve our natural resources and preserve the quality of life for our future generations.

For those who need hot water, we have a great solution to make sure that there is no more waiting for hot water and no more wasting our natural resources down the drain.

Our Mission

Advanced Conservation Technology (ACT) — Designed for Today — Dedicated to the future. D’MAND KONTROLS Systems® will lead the home improvement industry in water and energy conservation products, benefiting and protecting the environment. We will develop, manufacture, and sell technologically-advanced products of high quality that help to conserve our natural resources and promote ecological sustainability. D'MAND KONTROLS Systems® are made in the United States, developed by Americans with American technology.

Made in USA

Need Hot Water

1381 Warner Ave. Ste C
Tustin, CA 92780